Possible Guns N’ Roses Reunion?

For the past couple of months, the 1980’s hard rock band Guns N’ Roses has been keeping the music community talking about a possible reunion. Not just any reunion, but a comeback tour consisting of the original lineup from their 1980’s hair days. This has come to light due to the recent end of a long-standing feud between ex-bandmates Slash and Axl Rose.

The original lineup has not played together since 1990, when drummer Steven Alder was fired from the band after excessive substance abuse. Rhythm guitarist Izzy Stradlin soon followed and left the band on his own accord in 1991, just at the height of the band’s fame. Slash, their lead guitar player, and “Duff” McKagan, bass player, also left a couple years later. By 1997, Rose was the only one left. Since then, Rose has been playing with different musicians but still going under the name Guns N’ Roses.


Original ‘GNR’ lineup (1985-1990)  from left: Izzy Stradlin, Steven Adler, Slash, Axl Rose, “Duff McKagan”

On Nov. 13, Rolling Stone reported another bit of information that could or could not seal the deal on the big question: Will Guns N’ Roses tour together again?

Nikki Sixx, who is the bassist for the 1980’s hair band Mötley Crüe, wrote in all capital letters, “THEY ARE. EVERYBODY KNOWS” when asked by a fan if the rumors were true. It is also reported that Sixx has a well-known sense of humor so he could be just as serious as an Onion article.

It is not really known when exactly Slash and Rose made amends, but as far back as May, Slash said about the two ex-bandmates, “We don’t have all of those issues anymore.”

As of right now, all we have are possible rumors as to why or why not a possible reunion tour could happen. No members of the original lineup have come forward to affirm the rumors or not. Until then, we can only hope.

Not familiar with “GNR?” Here’s their most famous hit, “Welcome to the Jungle,” off of their equally famous album “Appetite for Destruction.” (So. Much. Hair.)



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