Plans for a 50th Anniversary Woodstock Festival in the Works

Just this week, Michael Lang, one of the original co-founders of the famous 1969 Woodstock Music Festival, has announced that there are plans to commemorate one of the most memorable moments in rock and roll history.

Michael Lang
Wavy Gravy (left side) and Michael Lang (right side) talking to each other. (Photo found on Focusfeatures.com)

He plans on hosting a 50th anniversary festival on a yet to be determined location. So far there is no date set, but it is relatively safe to assume that it will be held during July or August in 2019.

Lang says he is in the process of finding partners and working hard to find a location. He also has said that it may even be possible to host one in Europe to extend the love across the pond.

It would be nice to have some of the remaining members of the original acts to come back and play in the bands they have created over time.

Shirtless male drummer & dress-wearing female flutist jamming during Woodstock music festival. (Photo by Bill Eppridge/Time Life Pictures/Getty Images)

The original Woodstock was held in the rural part of Bethel, N.Y. on a dairy farm in August of 1969. More than 400,000 people showed up for attendance.

Dairy farm in Bethel, N.Y. covered in hippies for Woodstock 69′ (Photo found on Crackmagazine.net)

Hopefully this anniversary won’t be a re-cap of the 1999 Woodstock where there was a water shortage, a vicious crowd, and the appearances of Insane Clown Posse and Kid Rock who just incited the festival goers even more leading people to start fires and flip cars towards the end of the whole festival.

Multiple males burning equipment and other miscellaneous objects during Woodstock 99′ (Photo found on Socialsciencecareers.org)

Regardless of the 1999 disaster, it is within everyone’s duties to make sure this 50th anniversary goes off without a hitch, and it is up to the festival coordinators to make sure all of the necessary requirements are at hand to manage a massive quantity of drugged up hippies.

If you are interested in hearing about updates for this anniversary festival you can clicked the interested button on this Facebook event page. Also if you would like to learn more about the festival and it’s history over the decades you can do some reading over here and also over here.



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