Piers Morgan Leaves America’s Got Talent

Piers Morgan has announced that he will no longer be a judge on America’s Got Talent.  Morgan had been a judge on the American talent competition for six seasons and on the British version for four.  Morgan recently became the host of his own
talk show on CNN called Piers Morgan Tonight.  He told his viewers on the show that he had a hard time balancing “AGT” with the talk show, and could no longer deal with such a frantic schedule.

It seemed as if the announcement was almost a shock to his fellow judges Howie Mandel and Sharon Osbourne.
Mandel and Osbourne both expressed their feelings about the departure of their friend via twitter.

Mandel said, “I guess I’m more annoying than I thought.  I’ll miss you Piers Morgan.”

Osbourne also seemed upset saying,” I woke up this morning, thought I had a dream that Piers resigned. Now I’m waking up to the reality. Dont go. Never thought I would say this.”

The talent competition will still air for a new season.  There is no word yet as to who will take over Morgan’s position.  One can only assume that his replacement will possess the same fiery, sarcastic characteristics as he did.