One Tree Hill Cast Reunites

OTHThe cast of OTH recently reunited at the One Tree Hill convention in Wilmington, North Carolina on March 31, according to Cosmopolitan.

One Tree Hill was a remarkable television show that lasted for nine seasons, running from 2003-2012. In case you’ve never seen it, One Tree Hill is about two brothers in high school, Lucas and Nathan, who live in the same town, go to the same school, who have the same father but different mothers. Their father abandoned Lucas and his mother while she was pregnant. The father met Nathan’s mom in college and got her pregnant a couple months later. He stuck with Nathan and his mom. The boys can’t seem to get along growing up, but they have one thing in common; basketball. Nathan is the star of the basketball team and Lucas just plays with his friends at the river court. And of course, there’s drama with girls and cheerleaders and what not. You’ll have to watch to find out more.

Almost the whole cast was there, including Chad Michael Murray (Lucas), Hilary Burton (Peyton), Antwon Tanner (Skills), and many others. However, James Lafferty (Nathan), Bethany Joy Lenz (Hayley), and Sophia Bush (Brook) couldn’t make it.lucas and skills

The cast had a blast seeing each other again. They took a bunch of pictures together, danced, and Tyler Hilton (Chris Tucker), performed a song with a fan.

There will be another OTH convention taking place in August.