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Nadya Plus 14: What to do With All Those Kids?

Since Nadya Suleman gave birth to eight babies on Jan. 26 in a California hospital, people everywhere — including Bloomsburg — have weighed in on the controversy: Should a single, unemployed woman who already had six kids given birth to eight more?

Noah, Maliyah, Isaiah, Nariyah, Makai, Josiah, Jeremiah, and Jonah were all conceived via in-vitro fertilization. This is not the first time Suleman had this procedure done. “She is reckless,” said Eileen Lindsley, a mother of two and assistant manager at Weis Markets.

Suleman was living in a three-bedroom house with her parents and receiving welfare checks for all of her children. Suleman also receives $490 a month in food stamps and three of her children receive disability checks. Currently she has a running Web site asking for donations to help pay for food and clothing for her children. Suleman’s mother, Angela Suleman, recently said Nadya does not help pay for housing or food.

All this might make you ask: Where is all that money going? If you compare old and current lphotographs of Suleman, you can tell she has had a lot of work done to herself ranging from lip and cheek implants to breast augmentation. It’s been said that Suleman is trying to look like Angelina Jolie. The photographs do show similarities.

Suleman has recently purchased a new house with four bedrooms, three bathrooms and a large yard for the kids to play in Orange County, Calif. The house also comes with several free nurses to provide and look after her kids.

A lot of people want to blame Nadya Suleman for all of this, but what about Dr. Michael Kamrava, who implanted the eight embroyos.

“I believe it is this man’s fault, he is the one who helped her with both of her IVFs,” said Danielle Parri, also a mother and Weis Markets associate. At first Dr. Kamrava was not admitting to helping Suleman, but in a recent interview, Suleman let Kamrava’s name slip and the fingers began to point at him. “Did he even run any background checks on Nadya?” Parri asks.

Nadya Suleman has recently lost two publicists. Joann Killeen quit in late February because her firm was receiving numerous death threats and she was worried for her and her staff’s safety. Victor Munoz, Suleman’s second publicist, just quit saying Suleman was nuts and her demands were too high.

One Bloomsburg student said Suleman shoiuld havebeen content with the children she already had.

“She is crazy,” said Breanna Berns. “She should have never had the procedure done in the first place. She was fine with six children.”

Lately people have been wondering about the father of these 14 kids. Suleman’s mother said the father’s name was David Solomon. On Feb. 23, on ABC’s Good Morning America, Denis Beaudoin said that he was the biological father of the 14 children. Suleman denied that Beaudoin was the real father, but Beaudoin is requesting a paternity test to prove to the world that those are his babies as well. It’s also been said that Suleman has paid the real father money to stay out of her’s and the kids’ lives.

Suleman is working on getting a book deal and a reality TV show to support her and her 14 children. Suleman has been raking in the dough for all of her appearances on talk shows and for her face being shown on the covers of magazines. It’s been said that she earned $300,000 dollars just for doing one interview. Because she has been earning so much money, many U.S. taxpayers say her government assistance payments should stop.

Suleman has received many death threats since the babies were born. Many people say all of her kids should be taken away from her and given a good home. They believe that she is an unfit mother and that she is mentally unstable. Her father, Edward Suleman, recently stated that she is mentally ill and needs help. Many people at Bloomsburg University and the Bloomsburg community believe this as well. They feel that Nadya Suleman’s kids deserve better than what she is giving them.