MTV’s “Buck Wild” star dies at 21 from Carbon Monoxide

Shaine Gandee, one of the stars from MTV’s reality show “Buck Wild” died from carbon monoxide while mudding in his truck. The show has currently postponed filming.

Star of MTV’s “Buck Wild,” Shain Gandee, 21, was found dead with two others in his Ford Bronco on the morning of April 1 in Sissonville, Wv.

Found 31 hours after going missing was Gandee’s uncle, David Gandee, 48, and Donald Robert Meyers, 27, another local resident.

Local bar patrons were the last to hear of Shain Gandee at 3 a.m., Sunday night. Shain Gandee said they were going to go off-roading in his SUV. According to ABCnews, the vehicle was found with its muffler completely submerged in mud. Police confirmed the cause of death was carbon monoxide poisoning from the muffler being submerged and causing gas to leak back into the car.

“There was no damage to the vehicle from an impact, it was just stuck in a mud hole,” said Corporal B.D. Humphreys of the Kanawha County Sheriff’s Office.

The SUV was found about a mile away from Shain Gandee’s home in an area unreachable by rescue vehicles. ATVs had to be used to access the site. The vehicle had to be removed with a bulldozer from the mud.

Nobody knew what to think when they heard that a 21-year-old MTV star lost his life. It came as a surprise to 22-year-old senior of Bloomsburg University, Samantha Kenny. Although the show includes crazy, redneck antics, she didn’t expect mudding to kill the reality star. Kenny says the matter is, “so sad because he was so down to earth.”

According to MTV, filming for the second season of “Buck Wild” began last week but has been suspended under the circumstances.

“Shain’s dad lost his son and his brother, two people very important to him in his life, in the same day,” Ashlee Gandee, 32, Shain’s cousin, told “They’re taking it hard, as they should be.”

Shain Gandee did not become rich off of the first season of “Buck Wild.” According to TMZ, Ashlee Gandee is holding a “mud run,” an off roading event, to raise funds for the funeral. Entry for each vehicle is $10. Ashlee Gandee is also taking donations at the local store she owns.