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Melissa McCarthy Makes Guest Appearance on “SNL” as Sean Spicer

This week “Saturday Night Live” returned with a new episode, their first since Donald Trump has been inaugurated. It was clear that President Trump and his administration gave the “SNL” crew a lot to work with. One of the skits getting the most buzz on social media was one in which Melissa McCarthy made a surprise guest appearance to take on the role of White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer. McCarthy did not just play Spicer, but became him and social media responded with much love for the hilarious skit. McCarthy nailed Spicer’s infamous aggressive attitude and mocked the recent “fake news” label Trump and his team have given to CNN. This (hopefully) will not be the last time we see McCarthy as Spicer and “SNL” is definitely going to keep bringing out all the stops to help us use humor as a coping method for the next four years.

Check out the clip below.




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