Meet Jyoti Amge

amgeAmerican Horror Story: Freak Show premiered Wednesday, Oct. 8, and
brought the smallest woman in the world, according to Guinness World Records, to America. Her name is Jyoti Amge and AHS is not her first time in front of the camera! In an interview with People Magazine she told them she was on India’s version of Big Brother and all she wanted to do was come to America and be an actress in Hollywood. She stands at 23 inches tall, 11 pounds and is 20 years old. Amge’s condition is a form of dwarfism called achondroplasia.

In the show her character’s name is Ma Petit and she plays Elsa’s (Jessica Lange) assistant. In a video posted by FX, Amge strongly said she does not enjoy being treated like a baby. She might be small but hates being picked up without giving someone her permission. However, her feet rarely touch the ground on set because she lets her costars carry her around as long as they don’t coddle her like a child. Jyoti Amge hasn’t let anyone know how many episodes she’ll be in but hopefully it’s a lot because she’s adorable.