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Look out Runway….There’s a Kardashian On the Loose

kendallKendall, who is formally known as Kendall Jenner, the daughter of Bruce and Kris Jenner and stepsister of the lovely Kardashians is finally taking a step away from her reality TV show family and building a foundation of her own. The 18 year-old model has stated to Sunday Times Style “I’m doing this for me, on my own. I love my family, but this is my thing, it’s me” in regards to dropping her last name “Jenner” and discovering herself without the fame and notification of being related to the Kardashian family.

We are all familiar with Kim Kardashian and how she gained her fame through the scandalous sex tape she did with then-boyfriend R&B singer Ray J back in 2007. However Kim is now happily married to Rapper/Songwriter Kanye West with a beautiful baby girl; many believe her sex tape, multiple marriages, and Kris Jenner publicly claiming her as her favorite daughter and, as some would call it, “pimping” her to be discovered, is how Kim managed to this glamourous life. Not to mention their father Bruce Jenner has gained much recognition following his Olympic victory placing third place in the decathlon 1972U.S. Olympic trials, receiving a gold medal in the 1976 Olympics, his overall athletic and celebrity image has rewarded him tremendously.
With these speculations on how the Kardashian clan found their way to fame, it is only right we support Kendall in her decision to expand herself away from her family and start anew.

kendall runwayThe stunning 5 foot 10inch model kicked off her ascent to fame in the runway for Marc Jacobs during NY Fashion Week earlier this year in February. She made another debut on the runway of Chanel and Givenchy in Paris Fashion week in March. Recently she has been featured on the cover of Teen Vogue’s September issue, and this past week during New York Fashion Week 2014 having walked on the runway of Diane Von Furstenberg. “I want to be high fashion. I want to be taken seriously. People think that this success just came to me. But it didn’t. What I have has almost worked against me,” she explained to E! News. Let’s all continue to praise Kendall in her decision to grow away from her reality star family simply to be recognized for the talent she possesses’ and her many capabilities. Along with her entrepreneurial work alongside her sister Kylie, Kendall has indeed begun to prove herself in numerous ways to allow herself to really shine bright like a diamond.