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Lions Gate Apartment Residents Frustrated by Lack of Parking

Editor’s note: This article was written by Zachary Munkirs and edited by Samuel Forvour

Residents of Lions Gate Apartments are taking issue with the lack of parking available. This parking problem has been attributed to the fact that there are no regulations or restrictions on parking at the apartment complex.

Lions Gate has five apartment buildings. With each group of apartments, four rows of parking is allotted for residents in the front of the building. The amount of people staying in each apartment building does not match up with the amount of spaces, as most buildings have over four floors and three people per room, which can add up to a lot of cars.

Gabriella Lawver, a junior at Bloomsburg University knows what she is in for every time she comes home from campus.

“I can expect that if I get home from school late, I will most likely have to park all the way behind the building because the entirety of the front is taken up,” said Lawver.

Another issue that contributes to this parking problem is guests. There are no rules on when/how many guests are able to stay and park in the lots. These unregulated guests add more clutter to the (already filled) Lions Gate lots.

Students and tenants that are unfortunate enough to get to the lot last have to park in another lot for another building, or in the lot behind the building now subject to construction.

“Normally I would not care about having to walk to get from my car to my apartment, but I know that with the new apartments opening up behind Lions Gate, the parking in the back lot will get worse as well, so then what will I do?” -Lawver

A representative from Lions Gate Apartments was not available for comments on the issue of their lack of available parking.