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Lindsey Stirling: The Dubstep Violinist

In this day and age, everyone wants to be famous.

One way to attempt to be successful is by posting on the video sharing website, YouTube. From posting on YouTube, celebrities such as Justin Bieber and Soulja Boy were recognized by millions of viewers and received contract deals from major record labels.

YouTube gives users the ability to showcase their talents and by the amount of views they can go viral. Millions through online sharing like email and social media see a viral video like Lindsey Sterling’s. Stirling has attained YouTube stardom and seeks to become a star offline as well. Her mix of classic songs and a hip-hop feel makes her music different. Unlike many others she dances while playing giving it a less ridged feel then classical violin.

Stirling has risen to YouTube fame by playing dubstep and hip-hop songs on her violin. She created a YouTube account in 2007 entitled Lindseystomp, and has accumulated over 448,008,200 views with over three million subscribers. Her YouTube account has 55 videos of her performing on the road and an assortment of music videos. The 27- year-old has competed on America’s Got Talent, completed a yearlong tour, and has worked with performing artist John Legend. She has released a deluxe album that can be purchased at Target or online from retailers like Amazon and Best Buy.

On Nov. 3, 2013, YouTube will be having its first ever music awards. Stirling has been nominated for “Response of the Year” for her version of “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons. She is scheduled to perform the song at the ceremony.