Lindsay and Michael Lohan May Both Face Jail Time

Surprised? Father and daughter both back in the court system.

The insistent downward spiral that actress, Lindsay Lohan, is following continues in her recent failure to complete the community service hours required in her probation.


In May, Lohan pleaded guilty to stealing a necklace from a jewelry store located in Venice, California and was sentenced to five weeks of house arrest that persisted until June.  Other violations to her probation were also committed and included in the sentencing time she served.  Her past offenses include two drunken driving arrests, failures to attend counseling classes, and alcohol and drug test failures.

Her current probation orders her to fulfill 360 hours at the Los Angeles Downtown Women’s Center and 120 hours at the county morgue within a year.  However, since her last court hearing on July 21, she did not attend and participate at the woman’s center on nine separate accounts and completed a total of only two hours of service.  As a result, Los Angeles city attorneys, Lisa Houl and Melanie Chavira, asked the court to end the actress’s probation due to the violations and instead, enforce jail time.

Lohan’s attorney insisted her probation report stated she “reached a turning point” in her behavior and maturity; this however, sparked questions of reliability in the court room.  A discrepancy existed between the dates of Lohan’s excused absences from community service and records stating that she appeared in person for her counseling with her psychologist every Tuesday.  Her absences occurred between Sept. 9 and Oct, 5, when she traveled to New York, Milan, Italy, and Paris for work.

Lohan’s probation was revoked on Oct.19 and she was forced to post $100,000 bail.

On Thursday, Oct. 20, Lohan arrived late on her first day of community service and missed her orientation.  Due to her failure to turn up on time, she was sent away because her 20 minute tardiness did not provide her the adequate time necessary to complete the required eight hours for the day.

Confusion as to which entrance to enter into the facility and surprise from the media’s appearance allegedly contributed to Lindsay Lohan’s delay.

The following day, Friday Oct. 21, Lohan ensured that she arrived punctually to the L.A morgue, entering between the hours of 6 a.m. and 6:30 a.m.   She participated in general janitorial duties such as vacuuming, disposing of trash, and cleaning laundry and restrooms in the required eight hour shift.

Lohan’s father, Michael Lohan, insists that his daughter needs to be enrolled in a strict substance abuse rehabilitation center.  Images of the actress’s stained and damaged teeth have spawned rumors of the smoking of illegal substances.  Michael Lohan bluntly stated that he believes the young Lohan, 25, is abusing substances such as methamphetamine or crack cocaine.  The relationship of the Lohan family remains strained.

The relationship between Lohan’s business manager, Lou Taylor, has also caused attention among the media.  Lohan recently split with the celebrity director due to feelings that Taylor was not putting forth enough effort and time in to manage her.  Taylor operates from Tennessee; therefore the distance is rumored to have affected his ability to manage Lohan’s finances in a timely manner.

Lohan is due in court on Nov. 2 for a probation violation hearing which could result in jail time.

The actress may not be the only member of the Lohan family to serve jail time.  Michael Lohan was arrested earlier Tuesday in Florida on domestic violence charges to his live-in girlfriend, Kathryn Major, 28.

Reports claim Major did not suffer injuries that required medical treatment; however, she had some redness on her arms and minor bruising.  Police received a domestic battery call and arrived at Major’s condominium where Lohan immediately denied that any trouble occurred.

Major’s condo showed evidence of fair play.  Jewelry and clothing from her closet was scattered around the area and a bathroom door was dented at the approximate height of Lohan’s head.  Reports claim that Lohan injured himself by banging his head purposely to then blame Major.

The cause of the argument resulted from Lohan’s anger regarding the upcoming court date for the temporary domestic violence injunction against him from the Sarasota County case and that Major refused to perform oral sex on him.

Lohan was placed in custody but was then transported to St. Joseph’s Hospital after complaints of chest pains.  Police spokeswoman, Andrea Davis, stated that he attempted to check himself out of the hospital when it appeared officers had left.

He was immediately arrested and is currently being held at the Hillsborough County Orient Road Jail without bail.

photo credit: Google Images