Krasinski and Kimmel Christmas Prank War

With four years in the making, the iconic prank war between actor John Krasinski and talk show host Jimmy Kimmel was taken up a notch last week. The prank war started with John Krasinski and his equally talented wife, Emily Blunt, sneaking into Kimmel’s house and leaving two light-up Christmas figures. Kimmel responded by placing a neon insurance sign on Krasinski’s house. The battle between the jokesters has been raging ever since.

On last week’s episode the actor was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live! . He showed a clip of three gags he pulled on Kimmel including transforming his office into a winter wonderland that even Santa would feel right at home in. As this was the most elaborate and impressive stunt pulled thus far, Krasinski seemed self-assured in his win until the talk show host revealed that he had posted hundreds of signs around Los Angeles with Krasinski’s face and home address on them. Tis’ the season after all, so why not top it off with a little eggnog? This seems to have been Kimmel’s thought process as he ended the show by drenching his opponent in the Christmas beverage on live TV.

Watch the 2015 prank war below.




Kourtney Miles

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