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“Kings Rule Together” Exclusive Interview

Earlier this summer, I had the pleasure of interviewing Philadelphia’s young fashion designer, Curran Swint, at the Global Fusion Festival. After appearing in publications such as GQ, The Source, Complex and The New York Times, Curran has made a prestige name for himself in the tri-state area: King.

Known best by his brand, K.R.T, Curran delivers an important message that inspires kings and queens everywhere: to rule together. In 2010, he created the blog “Kings Rule Together” and later launched the K.R.T. clothing line. Not only is he a successful entrepreneur, but it is Curran’s personal style and fashion expertise has granted him such a faithful following of fans. Since its launch, K.R.T. has sold thousands of pieces not only in the US, but throughout Canada, Mexico and the United Kingdom. K.R.T. has been seen on some of Hollywood’s most familiar faces including the current E! News co-host, Terrance J, as well as entertainers including Jaden Smith, Marsha Ambrosius and many more.

Watch the video below to see my interview with Curran Swint in the city where both he and his brand were born and raised.

Website: www.kingsruletogether.com
Twitter: @Curran_J
Instagram: Curran_J