Kim’s Butt Breaks The Internet

The Internet went crazy this past week with the buzz of a recently released cover of Paper Magazine featuring Kim Kardashian West. Seeing this famous reality star on covers of various publications is nothing new but it was what she was wearing… or shall I say lack there of that has created controversy all over the web in this nude photo-shoot. With the title stating, “Break the Internet Kim Kardashian”, it has accomplished just that.

The double cover shows one of her with a black cocktail dress and a glass on her large behind filling up with champagne. The other is that exact same dress around her ankles revealing all of her assets.


Now if we have learned anything from the Internet it is that people love taking photos of something and adding their own little twist through the use of Photoshop. These risqué photos have turned into a hilarious meme as people find the most imaginative ways to transform this celebrity.

If you haven’t seen the various pictures yet, due to the fact that you have been living under a rock, don’t fret we have you covered. Here are the top ten best photo shopped pictures, in no particular order, of Mrs.Kardashain West and her bodacious booty.

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Kanye 1







Nick Cage




Cailley Breckinridge

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