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Kim Kardashian’s Wedding – The most glamorous of the year

Kim Kardashian’s wedding was not your typical wedding, but it was of Kardashian proportions. Three custom – made Vera Wang wedding dresses to the beautiful venue and glamorous décor, this wedding was the most glamorous wedding of the year. Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian’s lavish wedding premiered  on Saturday and Sunday Oct. 9, and 10 bringing in nearly ten million views making this the most viewed special on E!.

Just like every girl, Kim Kardashian had been planning her fairytale wedding since the age of 10 and wanted the actual day to meet her expectations. Trying to fulfill the lavish ideas brings along some drama. Soon-to-be husband Kris Humphries was not so thrilled at first with the idea of just being “thrown” into Kim’s dream wedding. While planning the wedding of Kim’s dreams in only 90 days, there was bound to be some tension and difficulty with decisions. Kim and Kris had a difficult time agreeing on the many different wedding details such as what kind of food to have, the seating chart, the colors for the wedding, or anything else. The E! Special event showed not only the wedding, but also all of the planning and preparation before. 

Kim and Kris’s engagement party was held at her sister Khloe’s house where friends and family gathered to celebrate. The end of the engagement party did not end on such a happy note for Kris. He accidently walked in on Khloe and a friend having a conversation on Kris’s intentions. They wondered whether he really does love Kim or if he is just marrying her for her fortune and fame. Kris did not confide in Kim right away, but later he decides to tell her. She becomes enraged and confronts Khloe. Kim and Khloe had a fight and Kim tells Khloe that she does not want her at her wedding or bachelorette party.  Although these are just words said in the moment, the audience is left to wonder if Khloe will really be at the bachelorette party or wedding.

The bachelorette and bachelor party were both held in Las Vegas but were at different places and both parties did separate things. To Kim’s disappointment, Khloe was not on the plane with all the girls to Vegas. She was very bothered that her sister did not come to her own bachelorette party despite a little feud they had. Yet when everyone arrives in Vegas, Kim finds a surprise in her room… Khloe. She took a separate plane to surprise her sister.

Should Kim be Kim Humphries or Kim Kardashian? This was one of the many dilemmas for Kim. Kim had been contemplating changing her last name to Humphries but when her mother, Kris Jenner overheard Kim telling her friends this idea at her bridal shower, she was not happy. Mrs. Jenner pulls Kim into her office during the party and tells her that it is not a good idea to change her last name for business purposes.  Kim was now torn between making her future husband happy by following tradition or staying true to herself for business purposes. When Kim was put on the spot while filing for their marriage license, she decides to keep her last name Kardashian for the business aspect and legal documents.

The color scheme of the glamorous wedding was simple yet somewhat dramatic. The colors Kris and Kim finally decided on were black, white and sparkle. They had drapery of black and white acting as a tent for the reception. Her beautiful bouquet was made from cream roses. Not only was the theme of her wedding black and white, Kim had her 450 guests dress in black or white. Among the guests were Ryan Seacrest, Eva Longoria, Mel B, and Venus and Serena Williams.

The night before Kim’s big day, step-father Bruce Jenner, brings over a box of clothes that had belonged to her father, Robert Kardashian who had passed away eight years ago. Kim had an idea. Since her father could not physically be with her at her wedding, she wanted to take a piece of his clothing, cut the material into the shape of a heart and stitch it inside each of her three dresses.

The day finally came and on August 20, 2011 Kim Kardashian married Kris Humphries. The wedding took place at Kim’s dream venue the Sotto II Monte in Montecito, California. The venue featured a Tuscan style mansion with views of the Santa Ynez Mountains. Beside Kim at the altar were her four sisters Khloe and Courtney, who served as co-maid of honors, and Kendall and Kylie Jenner, and Kris’s sister Kaela. The wedding turned out to be the dream wedding of any girl. With three gorgeous Vera Wang dresses, the beautiful décor, and friends and family, the newly married couple could not have pictured their special day any other way.