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Kim Kardashian Launches KIMOJI App

It seems as though Kim Kardashian has done or at least tried (remember her hit single, minus the hit, “Jam”?) it all. From starring in her family’s reality show, releasing her selfie book, Selfish,  the DASH stores, Kardashian Kollection by her and sisters, Khloe and Kourtney, endorsements, and her two apps, one would imagine there was not much else Kardashian could—or have the time—to produce. But, the new mother of two has recently launched her third app, KIMOJI.


KIMOJI is essentially a Kim Kardashian Emoji app. However, unlike the free Emoji app, Kardashian’s costs $1.99. We’re all shocked I’m sure. The app was released Dec. 21, but apparently consumers have been experiencing technical difficulties with their apps, which the app store is currently working to fix. But, we all know these bugs will not stop people from buying them and will only fuel the fire for those hating on the app through their social media accounts.

kim cryingThe app currently features 250+ Kardashian inspired KIMOJIs but more will be released in time. Some of the KIMOJIs include Kardashian’s signature ugly crying face, her “break the internet” butt from Paper Magazine, Kardashian’s hand and iPhone taking a selfie, Range Rover, what one would assume to be Kardashian’s famous booty in a thong, and many more. While these are obvious Kim symbols, some of the other KIMOJIs are confusing. Some odd KIMOJis featured are a mouth featuring grills, a cop and firefighter, pills, bloodshot eyes, a flying pig, and some phrases in black thought bubbles (“Bible” sadly is not one of them). These are not Kim related, so we can guess that she’s trying to make her KIMOJI app able to replace the Emoji app.kimojis 2

But, that’s probably not going to happen. Aside from the cost, the app is a little more complicated than Emoji. While I’m not denying that I will enjoy sending the Kim crying face to my friends, (I may have downloaded the app totally for the sake of this story) but sending the regular crying Emoji is easier. The KIMOJI keyboard is accessed the same way the Emoji app is, but to use it is a little different. Once you choose the KIMOJI you want to use it is copied into your clipboard, you have to paste it into your message bar. It’s much bigger than a regular Emoji once pasted, so it takes up more space in the message. Some of the pictures are stickers that are sent as attachments. The app does include a text option so that you can type and add the KIMOJIs to your text right from that keyboard which is pretty cool.

kim kIf you don’t mind pasting the KIMOJI into your message bar, sending KIMOJIs isn’t much of an inconvenience. Over time, it will probably become more compatible with daily text messaging. Sure, many people think it’s stupid and that Kardashian doesn’t need any more money, but we all know we’re going to at least check it out in the app store before deciding to buy it or not (again, I did it for the story obviously).  KIMOJI is probably not about to replace Emoji’s, but it’s definitely going to be an addition to our everyday Emoji hearts and kissy faces.

Say what you want about Kim, but she certainly sells. KIMOJI is currently number one in the App Store through Apple, complications and all. Kardashian fans everywhere are surely (im)patiently awaiting KIMOJI versions of the rest of the Kardashian Klan, especially North and Saint. If her Kim Kardashian game is any indicator of KIMOJI’s success, it’s going to make a Kardashian a pretty penny.

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