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Kim Kardashian Goes Platinum

Kim Kardashian, America’s Armenian princess, has dyed her hair PLATINUM BLONDE! I’m sure no one saw this one coming. Her Armenian background calls for dark skin and dark features. For the most part, she has always profiled a dark, sleek, clean-cut hairstyle and whether it was a short bob or long locks, she pulled it off. Kim has previously rocked a golden blonde look with some lighter highlights, which is my favorite look for her. However, I never would have guessed that she would chop off her long locks and also dye it such a drastic color. So, can she pull off the platinum blonde?!


Many women over the years have fallen in love with the platinum blonde bombshell look, from Scarlett Johansen and Charlize Theron to Marilyn Monroe in the mid 1900s. They are iconic ladies who seem to epitomize the classic saying, ‘blondes have more fun.’

Kim debuted her new blonde hair at Paris Fashion Week, wearing mostly neutral shades to make her ‘do’ stand out. She posted plenty of pictures on Instagram showing off her new style. One of them read, “Blonde hair don’t care!” with a princess emoji following it. Others included shots from shows for Lanvin, Balmain, and Balenciaga.

So, why did Kardashian decide to go platinum? Some think she wanted to match Jared Leto’s new bleach blonde look. Personally, I believe Leto looks like a villain in his suit and glasses with his platinum hair. The two of them did attend the same fashion week show in Paris wearing the same hair color. However, we all know that Kim likes to set her own trends, so that’s out of the question. Her stylist, Gregory Russell, reported to other news sites that she has been waiting to change her style up for awhile now, and after cutting her hair to a bob, there was no better time for hitting the hair dye.


Some of you on social media may have even seen some pictures comparing Kim’s new blonde ‘do’ to Draco Malfoy from the classic Harry Potter movies. He has an exact color replica of Kim’s blonde hair. Maybe she looked to Harry Potter for inspiration?


Kim’s new hairstyle is definitely an acquired taste and not everyone is going to approve of the change. More power to Kim for trying something new and killing it at Paris Fashion Week! To read more about Kim’s new style and how to get it, click here.



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