Kim Kardashian Deposition

Court appearances continue for television’s most popular reality star, Kim Kardashian. From Keeping Up with the Kardashians, the married and very pregnant Kardashian sat for a deposition on her ongoing divorce battle with the Brooklyn Nets basketball player, Kris Humphries. However, her marriage with Humphries is still not legally over. In fact, the 72-day marriage lasted longer than the year-and-a-half divorce. But it is with her current boyfriend and rapper, Kanye West, whom she plans to start a new life with…if only her 72-day marriage would officially end.

             On Tuesday, March 18 in LA, Kardashian testified under oath that her marriage with Humphries was real. She claims to have been truly in love once she said “I do,” but from the proposal until the day of the wedding, the two collided. In Oct. of 2011, Kim Kardashian filed for divorce. In defense, Humphries and his lawyers argued that the marriage was secretly planned in attempt to boost the show’s television ratings. As his team continues to search for evidence, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ producer, Russell Jay, has testified on behalf of Kris Humphries.

According to Jay, the show was constantly under construction of editing and rescripting to make the Brooklyn Nets’ player “look bad.” Jay attests to the truth in Humphries’ proposal but says, “Kim was aware of Kris’ surprise proposal and forced producers to shoot the scene a second time to get her expression right.”

Kardashian has yet to speak out against Jay’s statement. As she approaches her prolonged divorce with patience, her boyfriend shows a bit more aggression. When Kanye’s song, “Cold,” was released in 2012, lyrics said,  “And I’ll admit, I fell in love with Kim/‘Round the same time she had fell in love wit’ him.” He continues, “Lucky I ain’t have Jay drop him from the team,” in reference to his close friendship with rapper, Jay Z, owner of the New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets.

In the current season of Kourtney and Kim Take Miami, Kardashian tells her sister, Khloe Kardashian-Odom, that she is “letting go and letting God.” Not long after she filed for divorce, Kardashian publicized her relationship with West. Now, the two are expecting. With plans to move forward, the trial date is set for May 6, 2013.