Kim and Kanye Bless the World with Arrival of Baby Saint West

northSince Kim Kardashian West announced her pregnancy with hers and Kanye’s second child back in June, we’ve all been patiently waiting to see what name the duo would come up with this time. When the couple named their first baby girl North West, the internet was buzzing with shock. But really, was it so shocking that Kim and Kanye would name their daughter an extremely unique name?

Well, Kim broke the Internet once again with the announcement of their second baby. The couple brought new baby West into the world Dec 5. and finally announced the name Dec. 7. Somehow KimYe managed to come up with a name in just a mere two days, much less than the week it took for North’s name to be decided upon (though we all know that name was months in the making). Kim took to Twitter and Instagram to share the naming of baby Saint West.

Yes, you read that right. Saint West. While the idea of such a holy name is beyond precious, hearing it’s the name of the baby from Kim Kardashian West (the girl famous for her sex tape) and Kanye West (enough said) seems pretty ironic. The Internet has not held back. The comments on newborn Saint West’s name have been nothing less than hysterical.




Even Ellen got in on the action.

Now, most of us were expecting the name to be East or Easton (get it? Easton West), and Kim even shared on Ellen she loved the name. However, Kanye was not on board with that one.

saints reggieThe biggest question tweeters and instagrammers have is was baby Saint’s name possibly inspired by Kim’s ex, Reggie Bush, who played for the New Orleans Saints? It seems unlikely, but naming your child something so related to your ex maybe wasn’t so smooth, Kim.

According to E! News, an insider said the name was inspired by his healthy delivery despite coming much earlier than his Christmas due date. Kim had a pretty rocky pregnancy, so the couple saw the normal delivery and healthiness of the new baby boy as a miracle, and felt God was watching over them. So, the name has a meaning, but still Saint may be a little over the top.

A lot people are wondering why the couple didn’t choose names for their kids that would fly more under the radar to avoid backlash, but if you’ve ever watched Keeping up With the Kardashians or heard Kanye speak, it is obvious Saint and North’s parents don’t really care what anyone has to say or thinks about them.

It is not uncommon for celebrities to name their child something outrageous, so maybe it’s a little unfair for baby Saint’s name to be judged so harshly. Although, it’s probably the baby namers rather than the name that get people so fired up about, so it’s understandable.saint west

Will Saint be baptized in Jerusalem like big sister, North? It would seem only fitting. Maybe we should give Kim and Kanye more credit for the name, I mean Saint is the son of Yeezus (that was a cheesy one, I know). Only time will tell if Saint West is going to live up to his name.

If the Internet reaction to North’s name is any indicator, there will be plenty of memes, tweets, and Facebook posts mocking the new member of the West family’s name to enjoy.  Just remember, baby Saint is already a millionaire and we are, well, not.




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