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Keep it or Delete it: Zombie Booth

Apps are used by millions of people all over the world who hold a smart device. They help you plan your day, enhance your photos or drag you into mindless hours of Candy Crush.

Ever since joining the app world I cannot stop installing apps that I am itching to try. I have the curious bug in me that will never go away until I find out what is so good about a new app. But like everyone who downloads apps can see, not every app is perfect.

Ever since last summer I always wanted to start a blog, but about what?

Over the years I have surfed the web and thought “How come I didn’t think of that?” or “Hey! They took my idea.” It’s hard to come up with something original in this generation, especially with Pinterest and Tumblr where something new is made every day.

Every summer I try ideas from websites such as Pinterest to keep myself occupied if I have nothing to do. I want to do something different that will stand out and be more original.

Ever since getting my Samsung 4.0 Galaxy player, I often wondered if there was someone who worte about apps such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. I did some research and the results turned out that not a lot of people have done it. SCORE.

I want to fulfill my interest in the social media world to spread new ideas and learn about the growing field. Testing out apps will help me and others see what is going on and if they’re reliable according to the makers.

Ironically after, one of my friends wanted everyone to download an app that he uses all the time that is not heard of often. He said, “I want to get this app out there.”

To make everyone reading satisfied, I picked the Zombie Booth app available in both Apple’s App Store and Google Play to test first because it seems that about 99.9% of the Bloomsburg population is addicted to the television series, The Walking Dead. The popular show also offers a similar app to Zombie Booth but I want to take on a different direction and see if this one is as good as it sounds.

The first time I opened the app I was greeted with the app icon half guy and half zombie. Honestly, the first time I saw the zombie half it looked like the Green Goblin with tomato sauce on his face.

Below there are similar icons like zombie booth which are either free or pay to install. On the left you see a pink present. Click it. Every day you will get a virus and 100z. Every hour you can receive 100z so check back every hour if you want more coins. The coins can buy you more zombie features.

The “virus” is how you can zombify (this word needs to be in the Webster by now) many pictures costing you one virus. I got three viruses to start, and every day I got a free one when the pink present was shown. If you’re planning to turn all your friends into zombies right away, or you’re The Walking Dead’s biggest fan, buy more or infinite for $4.49. As for me, I’m going to take advantage of the daily freebie.

Hit the start button to start the zombie process. You will be given options where you can obtain your picture. You can take a picture or upload one from your photo gallery or Facebook. Before you do so, there are two pictures above. One is a shy guy staring blankly at you and the other picture is with four people trying to pull a Brady Bunch minus five.

The first app I’m testing took a snapshot of myself. After, it deletes your eyes and mouth; you can adjust them and make sure your eyes are aligned correctly for accurate results. Once everything is set hit the OK button.

It takes about a minute for the zombie process to complete, but it is worth it. I don’t know how to describe it. My face was moving, along with my eyes, and I could change my zombie looks at random by shaking the device or hitting the shuffle button. Tap the screen and your zombie will lunge forward pretending to bite you. You can customize yourself so you can look as if you can gather your hourly 100z, and won’t have a problem buying eyeballs, masks and weapons for your zombie.

Once you are satisfied, you can take a picture to share on social media or save it for later. Over the week, I tried it on my friends and pictures that I had on my device. Every picture was realistic and hilarious. The 3D graphics and the high quality sound stunned everybody.


KEEP IT OR DELETE IT? With the realistic 3D graphics and free daily viruses, it’s a keep. Especially if you are a Walking Dead fan, you are going to look like you guest appeared on the show. I wouldn’t use it all the time maybe whip it out again when season 4 of The Walking Dead starts.

This blog is going to be weekly, and I’m open to any suggestions on which apps to try out. The app has to be offered by both Apple and Google stores and free. Tootles.