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Katy is “Wide Awake,” and now so are her fans

Katy Perry is one of the most inspirational pop stars of her generation. The 27 year-old has kept audiences’ attention since her debut in 2008. Her message has always been about embracing personal uniqueness. However, her fans may walk away from her recent movie “Part of Me” with an entirely new message.

While much of the movie was infused with upbeat melodies, like “I Kissed a Girl,” and colorful costumes, there was an underlying tone of truth.

Young girls all over the world watched Katy Perry’s relationship with comedian Russel Brand crash and burn as quickly as it flourished.

Perry showed the toll that distance can take on a marriage. She was simultaneously counting down the days until being with her husband, while putting on a happy face for her fans.

Perry curled her body into a ball and cried moments before she was supposed to take the stage. Movie audiences could tell as well as she could that her love affair was over.

The film showed her managers as they considered cancelling on an auditorium full of young Perry believers. Instead, they delicately pieced Perry back together as if she were a fragile newborn.

She lamented to the camera that it is possible her relationship wasn’t what she had thought it was.

Even in Perry’s darkest moment, and the most disheartening lull of the film, she proved that nothing would stop her from putting a smile on her face, and ultimately millions of others.

Although preteens dressed in frilly tutus and tiaras may receive an unexpected dose of reality from the movie, it is the endearing portrayal of honesty that will leave the audience members wiping their eyes the second the credits begin to roll.


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