Jimmy Fallon Slays

Despite a broken finger, the king of late night Jimmy Fallon had a particularly exciting night this past week on The Tonight Show. Dreamy fan favorite Justin Timberlake took the stage with the corky host to perform “History of Rap 6.” The show also featured Ellen DeGeneres going head-to-head with Jimmy in a brutal Lip Sync Battle.

The show opened with Timberlake and Fallon behind a curtain rapping. They busted through the drape and onto the stage to explosive applause. Song after song, the pair of best-buds were able to entertain, humor, and impress us with their talent and electric chemistry. The performance included tracks such as “Straight Outta Compton,” “U Can’t Touch This,” “Ignition (remix),” “My Way,” and “Fight for Your Right.” After six instalments of “History of Rap,” the world is left with a thirst for more of the dynamic duo.

Oprah may have won the heart of Josh Nichols (Josh Peck), but the nation has given their love to Ellen DeGeneres. There are few who haven’t seen one of Jimmy Fallon’s famous Lip Sync Battles which never fail to crack a smile and force a share. Fallon took the stage with “Mr. Brightside” and “Watch Me.” DeGeneres chose “Do You Know Where You’re Going To?” and “Bitch Better Have My Money.” While Fallon never ceases to amuse, DeGeneres shined.Her caring and unassuming demeanor seemed to melt away and was replaced with a killer alter ego.


Combined, the videos have nearly 20 million views on YouTube. Fallon’s over the top dorky humor has captivated America as everything he touches turns to entertainment gold. With so much talent and business intellect, one is left wondering what Jimmy Fallon will tackle next in Hollywood.



Kourtney Miles

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