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Jenna Marbles

Blue and pink hair, crazy yet oddly adorable voices, and two munchkin pups equals none other than the YouTube sensation Jenna Marbles.

Jenna Mourey (no Marbles isn’t her real last name) grew up in upstate New York. With a Masters of Education in Sports Psychology and Counseling, Jenna found herself stuck in jobs she didn’t really enjoy. She started her YouTube career by posting a video called “How to trick people into thinking you’re good looking”. The video was an instant hit and launched her YouTube career.

How to trick people into thinking you’re good looking

Every Wednesday, sometimes Thursdays, Marbles posts hilarious videos from puppy finger painting to drunk make up tutorials. Her channel is currently the sixth most subscribed YouTube channel with over 11 million subscribers. Marbles has also worked in collaboration with other YouTube personalities on projects such as “Bounce that D*ck”, Epic Rap Battles of History’s “Adam vs. Eve”, and Annoying Orange’s “Fake n’ Bacon”.

Marbles is seen pushing the envelope with the things she says and does, but that is only one of the reasons her fans love her so much. She takes time to address her audience with tid-bits about her life, things she doesn’t like, and delivers inspirational messages that leave her viewers dying of laughter.

Viewers have come to love her ability to talk about serious topics in a way that leave them laughing in the end. For example, Marbles has talked about her “inner fat kid” and has shared personal information about her relationships with everyone on the Internet.

Draw my life video

Marbles notes her flaws, is able to make fun of them, and ends up teaching viewers that no one is perfect: with the help of her adorable dogs of course. Marbles has been able to show everyone, especially her teen viewers, that it’s not only okay to be yourself, but that being yourself is the best thing a person can do. With beverages and pooches in hand, and starkly honest words pouring from her mouth, Jenna Marbles is a YouTube smash.

Drunk make-up tutorial video

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