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James Franco’s Bar Mitzvah…Years Late

Bar mitzvah: The religious initiation ceremony of a Jewish boy who has reached the age of 13 and is regarded as ready to observe religious precepts and eligible to take part in public worship.

On Oct. 17, James Franco, 37, finally became a man and had his own bar mitzvah. The Hollywood Palladium was sold out and packed for the 4,000 guest event. His celebration doubled as a fundraiser for Hilarity by Charity which raises awareness and funds for Alzheimer’s Association. Hilarity by Charity is Franco’s longtime friend, Seth Rogen’s organization. Throughout the night over two million dollars was raised.

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Haim performed “Hava Nagila” and Miley Cyrus of course made an appearance while wearing a cape inscripted, “Shalom Ya’ll.” Rogen also performed an avant-garde version of Fiddler on the Roof, and Zac Efron made an appearance as well, playing Franco’s uncircumcised penis.

Other famous faces such as Kyle Kinane, Al Madrigal, Ron Funches and Justin Williams took stage as part of the celebration fundraiser combination.

Rogen made sure that the circumcision would take place at this bar mitzvah, so Rabbi Goldblum, played by Jeff Goldblum, took stage to perform the surgery on Franco.

Even if the event appeared to be more focused on entertainment and comedy, it was a way for Franco to connect with his family traditions as his mother is Jewish. According to Jewish Journal, Franco met with a rabbi two weeks before the event in front of a Torah while changing in Hebrew and English.

“Here I am, finally, 25 years after I turned 13. But what I realize is that I didn’t need to go to any mountaintop or across the sea to find my place that I have been connected all along. Judaism has been a part of me my whole life. And like the scarecrow in Oz, all I’m doing now is getting a little reminder that I have been here all along,” Franco said in a speech about the occasion in presence of the rabbi.

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