It Gets Heated on “Between Two Ferns”

Zach Galifiankis is a well-known actor for his hilarious, awkward, quirky personality and has starred in many comedies such as The Hangover, The Campaign, and Due Date. Galifiankis has a series of videos on FunnyorDie.com, titled “Between Two Ferns” in which he conducts entertaining interviews with various celebrities such as Michael Cera, Conan O’Brien, Steve Carrell, Bruce Willis, and even Barack Obama has made an appearance. His interviews usually consist of inappropriate questions, rude remarks, random skits, and basically trying to just get a rise out of his guests. The show was made mainly to poke fun at interview shows and to make “all in good fun jokes” about celebs. Galifankis latest segment has caused some dispute between him and Brad Pitt after he brought up several sensitive subjects such as Pitt’s old flame Jennifer Aniston.

The episode started off with Galifiankis calling Brad Pitt “Brad Pitts,” and he already seemed unenthusiastic to be on the show. Galifiankis then starts asking him questions about his sex life and insults him with a Nazi joke saying he is Hitler’s dream, referencing to Pitt’s past movie. Galifiankis then asks about when he (Pitt) met Angelina Jolie and if it was love at first sight just like when Rachel met Ross which referencing to Pitt’s ex, Jennifer Aniston. After Pitt did not respond, Galifiankis made it worse by playing the television show Friend’s theme song where Pitt responded uncomfortably “I don’t like that song” and spits his gum out on the table.betweeen two ferns

To make matters worse, Galifiankis asked about Pitt’s charity work and looked bored when Pitt was answering the question. Galifiankis ignored Pitt’s response and had standup comedian Louis C.K. appear on the show to do stand up. The last and final joke of the night that set Pitt over the edge was when Galifinakis told him that he was living in his wife’s shadow. After no response again, he calls Pitt in exact words a “shitty actor and that people overlook that because of his good looks.” Pitt enraged by this comment spits his gum directly in Galifiankis’s eye immediately after the comment was said.

The entire interview overall is extremely hilarious and I suggest everyone go and watch it. There has not been much said about the aftermath of the show but Brad Pitt is probably not pleased with all the insults. Guess he should have known Galifinkas would say whatever was on his mind with no filter what so ever. Hopefully this does not cause tensions between the two celebrities. In Galifinkas defense, the show is all about the laughs and his jokes may be offensive but that’s just his personality. If you want to see the full video, click on this link: Between Two Ferns: Brad Pitt



Miriam Mealand

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