Is Lil’ Wayne now the “King of Rock and Roll”

Watch out Elvis Presley, the title of “King of Rock and Roll” has been swept from underneath your feet.  Lil’ Wayne now has the most Billboard Hot 100 Hits. Wayne now has 109 hits on the chart. He gained the most hits by featuring in The Game’s song “Celebration.” He may have 109 hits on the Billboard, but only 42 of those hits are with him as lead artist. The other 67 are songs where he is the featured artist. Wayne’s first hit was on the top 100 in 1999. Elvis Presley on the other hand, had 108 hits on the chart between 1958 and 2004. His career began before this, but several of his songs such as “Heart Break Hotel,” could not be included in his total number.



Jennifer Comstock

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