It’s true: the series that ended eight years ago is coming back to Netflix. There are only going to be four episodes, each an hour and a half. Gilmore Girls left us with so many questions when it ended. It’s been a whole eight years, and so much time has passed that their lives must be so different now. These are the questions I hope they answer in the series:

What happened after Rory followed Obama’s campaign? Did she ever become famous?

We’ve all seen the season finale that left us in tears. Rory leaves her family and hometown to follow Obama’s campaign. Throughout the show we’ve always known Rory wanted to be a journalist, and then she got the opportunity. So we are left wondering how did it all turn out? What is she doing now with her life?

Is Rory dating someone now? Is it Jessie? Or Logan? Dean?Rorys exs

We all rooted for Rory and our favorite love interest of hers to stay together. According to TV Line, we will be seeing each of Rory’s ex’s on the new series.

Did Luke and Lorelei ever get married?luke

Let’s face it, we all rooted for Lorelei and Luke to end up together since the beginning. In the last episode they left us hanging. We see them get together, but what happens after that? Do they actually get married?

What ever happened to Paris?

Ugh, Paris, the one who constantly trying to be the best, well where is she now? Is she a doctor? Did she go to med school?

Is Paris still with Doyle?

Remember them? Doyle said he would follow Paris anywhere, so are they still together?

What happens to Emily after Richard’s death? How will they handle this tragedy?

Edward Herman who played Richard, passed away in 2014. The series will honor him according to TV line, but how will they do it?

Do they all still have their usual Friday night dinners?family dinner

We all know what the Friday night dinners were like, but are they still going to be happening in the new series?

How are Lane’s children? How old are they now?

Lane was pregnant and gave birth to twins, Steve and Kwan. So how are they now? Are they going to be in the new series?

So is Sookie going to be in these episodes?Sookie

Melissa McCarthy has been known for her humor; will she be bringing that to the new series?

What will the new last four words be?

The last four words to any series are very important. There have been many different rumors, but no one knows what they are going to be. Sherman-Palladino, in a 2012 TV Line interview, said she would eventually tell what the last four words would be. So will it happen in this series?Rory