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Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter – Oh My!

Social media has become an important and influential part of our culture. Students on campus are constantly checking and posting on different media sites such as Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, Vine, and Facebook. Since the outbreak of mobile apps, social media site such as Twitter, Instagram, and Vine have become more popular.

Student Kendra Ghrams states, “ I love using Instagram. It is a lot more convenient than Facebook. I know that you can use Facebook on your phone but it always crashes unlike Instagram which was made for mobile use.” Instagram is a social networking platform that allows members to post pictures with a small caption underneath as well as like and comment on each post.

Twitter however is more focused on short sentence posts. Fan Gary Stevens reports, “It allows you to keep up with your friends, family, and favorite celebrities all within 140 characters. Plus I like it better than Facebook because it’s faster, simpler; I can view more things in a short amount of time. I feel that Facebook forces you to put all of your personal information into the website and then takes away the privacy. Even though Twitter is not as private you do not have to share all of your personal information.”

While pictures and posts have been common for a while, videos have become more popular. Vine is an iPhone media app that allows someone to post a six and a half second video. Like YouTube there are people who are Vine famous and people can follow their feed like Twitter. Missy Tibber, who is a active user of Vine, tells, “Vine is just a way to watch short videos that are usually really funny. It is amazing what people can do in six seconds. I also like how you can save your favorites, and it is not like snap chat where it disappears forever.”

Even though mobile social networking apps are growing in popularity, Facebook is still holding up in comparison. Kelly Seeley says, “I have been using Facebook since I was a freshman in high school. I love how it combines everything into one. Even though I am annoyed with how much they change things it is still my favorite over Twitter and Instagram. Plus, I love their games, like Candy Crush. I also like it because all of my friends still have it and use it. It is an easy way to keep in touch.”

Even though people have extremely different opinions on which social media site is the best, it can be agreed that they are effective and growing more and more in popularity.