Today marks the release of Kid Cudi’s highly anticipated third studio album, Indicud. The album was initially announced in the summer of 2012 when he tweeted, “My new album will be titled Indicud, it will be my version of The Chronic 2001, some songs I’ll produce, others I’ll feature and/or play songwriter for. “ The release date was scheduled for April 22, but due to a recent leak of the album, he has decided to push the release date up to April 16.


Kid Cudi has never been one to get as many plays on the radio such as artists like Lil’ Wayne or Drake, but since the release of his first and only mixtape, A Kid Named Cudi, in 2008, his fan base has grown enormously. His music provides an uncomfortable listen that hits the home of fans in a similar situation.


The success of the mixtape and his debut single, “Day ‘n’ Nite,’” resulted in Cudi signing with Kanye West’s GOOD Music record label in the fall of 2008.  Cudi and West seemed to make a great tag team on 808’s & Heartbreak in 2008. It was said that Cudi’s singsong, melody heavy style inspired West to make the whole album, even though Cudi only has co-writing credits on “Heartless,” “Welcome to Heartbreak,” Paranoid,” and “RoboCop.” However, West is always quick to give Cudi credit saying, “Me and Cudi are originators of the style, kinda like what Alexander McQueen is to fashion.”


Last week Cudi shocked the music world by announcing that he was leaving West’s GOOD Music label to start his own called, “Wicked Awesome Records.” The sudden departure left many Cudi fans confused, but when asked why he decided to leave he said, “I just felt like there was a shift in my creative ventures and things I wanted to do.”


Cudi has always been an artist to try new things and follow his gut feelings, which is why his following is as big as it is today. Staying true to your music is something that is almost non-existent in today’s music. There are artists who say they started from the bottom of the music careers, but really have been wealthy their entire lives.


Cudi makes sure there is a purpose behind everything in his songs, and you have to respect that. We live in a day where artists are only concerned with what’s going to get the most plays on the radio. We knew when Cudi announced this album that finally some meaningful music would be released, and that’s why Cudi will continue to sell out shows even if he decides not to make another album again.

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