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I’m So Excited for Fantasy High: Junior Year!!

This article will NOT contain spoilers, so that anyone who has not watched Fantasy High can learn about it!

Fantasy High: Junior Year is the upcoming third installation in the Fantasy High series. Fantasy High is a recorded Dungeons and Dragons campaign. In it, every character is attending the same high school for aspiring adventurers, the Aguefort Adventuring Academy.

Never Played Dungeons & Dragons?

If you’ve never played D&D before, that’s completely ok! This series was my first real introduction into D&D and inspired me to find some friends to play with!

Here are the Basics:

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Each individual at the table creates their own character to play as. These are called PCs (playable characters). They dictate their character’s appearance, backstory, actions, and even speak on behalf of their character (called roleplay).

Also at the table is the Dungeon Master (DM). Only one person is the Dungeon Master, and each game relies on them. The DM creates the story that the players follow, creates NPCs (non-playable characters), and acts on behalf of various monsters and villains. The DM has a hefty but valuable role.

Once the PCs are created, gameplay can begin. Characters can technically do whatever they want. However, each character’s statistics, abilities, and class determine what they will be most likely to do well at. Gameplay is split up between combat and downtime. When in combat, players can make attacks (such as casting spells or swinging swords), that are determined by a roll of the dice. Out of combat, players can explore, talk to NPCs, or visit local businesses. Most commonly, a 20-sided die is rolled to determine if an action is successful or not. Rolling a 1 results in a critical failure, and a “natural” 20 results in critical success.

The Bad Kids

Image via Pigeon☆Princess on Tumblr

In Fantasy High, there are 6 PCs. On their first day of freshman year, they all get detention. Because of this, they bond together as a team and come up with the nickname “The Bad Kids.” Here are the characters:

Adaine Abernant – Elf, Wizard – Despite her intellect, she can’t live up to her parents expectations. She wants to prove that her anxiety isn’t a setback.

Fabian Seacaster – Half-elf, Fighter – His dad was a fearsome pirate, and he hopes to strike fear into the hearts of his classmates.

Fig Faeth – Tiefling, Bard – A rockstar trying to rebel in everything she does. Her mission is to find her real father.

Gorgug Thistlespring – Half-orc, Barbarian – He’s large and strong, but he has a soft side. He’s also trying to find his real father.

Kristen Applebees – Human, Cleric – A good, pious girl. She wants to convert all of The Bad Kids to her corn religion.

Riz Gukgak – Goblin, Rogue – Raised by a single mother, he dreams of being a detective. He’s a bit of a nerd.

What’s So Great About Fantasy High?

Fantasy High’s Dungeon Master, Brennan Lee Mulligan, is honestly fantastic. There are twists and turns around every corner. The world-building is impeccable, as Brennan ties his narrative to his character’s backstories. There’s mystery and intrigue, but there’s still room for the players to have fun. It’s a great balance between lore, quests, and player decision-making.

Fantasy High has made me laugh, cry, and has made my jaw drop. I have learned a lot about myself through watching Fantasy High, which speaks to the dedication that each individual brings to the story.

Image via Arm’s Gallery on Tumblr

Fantasy High isn’t the average D&D campaign, as it takes place in a fantasy-equivalent to the modern world. The characters have smart phones and drive cars. Fantasy High season 1 was the first ever D&D campaign launched by CollegeHumor, and has generated great success. Fantasy High: Junior Year is anticipated to be the 21st season (overall) of CollegeHumor D&D.

The first episode of Fantasy High aired on Sept. 26, 2018, and the most recent episode (the finale of season 2) aired on April 7, 2020. Season 1 has 17 episodes, and season 2 has 20 episodes. D&D gameplay tends to run long, so the total amount of time it takes to watch both season 1 and 2 is 80.5 hours. Fantasy High season 1 is available on YouTube, and season 2 is on the CollegeHumor website, Dropout. Dropout requires a $6 monthly subscription. All other seasons of CollegeHumor D&D are available on Dropout as well.

An official release date for season 3 has not yet been announced, but it’s safe to say that Fantasy High: Junior Year will be airing on Dropout some time in 2024. Make sure to grab your yogurt!