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Hocus Pocus Fans Furious About Reboot

Hocus Pocus is coming back with a vengeance to give an all new generation of children nightmares. It has been confirmed by a Disney Channel spokesperson that the cult classic Halloween movie is being rebooted with a new cast and director. 

Fans of the original movie are outraged at the thought of a Hocus Pocus remake when they have been asking for a sequel to the original for years.  

Original Stars of the movie such as Bette Midler have publicly said that they’d want to do a sequel to the original film, and yet nothing ever came of it.  

It has yet to be announced who will play the iconic roles of the sister witches (originally held by Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy), but die hard Hocus Pocus fans have made it clear that no matter who gets cast, this remake will not satiate their hunger for the original world of Hocus Pocus 

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