High School Musical 10-Year Reunion

In honor of the tenth anniversary of one of Disney Channel’s most beloved movies, High School Musical, the cast reunited for a 10-year reunion special for the television network. The starring roles returned to their roots for one night. The Disney Channel Original Movie started at 8 p.m.  Jan. 20. On commercial breaks, the cast reminisced on their High School Musical days.hsm O

However, there was a catch. Zac Efron did not attend. Social media erupted with rage stunted from the now adults’ pre-teen selves, and their unfathomable love for Troy.


But, everyone shut up quickly when the cast finally brought up the elephant in the room:  one special cast master was not there. Though Efron couldn’t make it, he recorded a video for the rest of the cast and fans to watch during the reunion.

we're all in this togetherWhat did Efron have to say? He thanked the fans, of course. He also added that “We’re All in this Together” was his favorite song/scene of his High School Musical time, and that it was  probably the most beautiful moment he’s ever experienced in his life. He, like the rest of the cast, said High School Musical was definitely the coolest thing he’s ever been a part of. In that moment, we all thought “TROY, you didn’t forget about us.” Social media then erupted with nothing but love for Efron, especially his and Vanessa Hudgens’ on-screen romance. Troy and Gabriella’s relationship was one we all hoped for in high school, but probably did not find.


During the reminiscing moments, the cast reflected on their days spent on set and how much the movie changed their lives. They all agreed that they didn’t expect the movie to be so big and collectively expressed their gratitude.

The cast’s original audition tapes were played and we all laughed with the cast during that. Monique Coleman sported a Corbin Bleu-like afro style in her tape. When it played, Coleman admitted in that moment she was thinking, “They’re not going to cast me; I look just like him.”

z v auditionLucas Grabeel and Ashley Tisdale’s audition tape also played, in which Grabeel revealed that Tisdale had given him notes afterwards. Tisdale laughed and said she really embraced her inner Sharpay Evans.

Of course, Hudgens’ and Efron’s audition played too, and all the feels were brought back. The gang broke out into “awws” as Hudgens appeared to be cringing through her smile. Perhaps because the couple split in real life a few years back. Sorry, but Troy and Gabriella will live on, despite who you date in your personal lives, guys.

"HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3: SENIOR YEAR" BTS: (L to R) Kenny Ortega, Zac Efron Ph: John Bramley ©Disney Enterprises, Inc. All rights reserved.

Of course, a shout out was given to everyone’s favorite director, Kenny Ortega, who made the movie possible. Though the cast laughed and joked, you could tell how sentimental they were becoming as they played more and more flashbacks and talked about how life changing the movie was.

Those feelings were summed up when Tisdale told Bleu she had a surprise for him. He was told to close his eyes as she went to get his Wildcats’ basketball uniform framed. When he was told to open his eyes, his face said it all. It was obvious that the movie still means as much to them as it did to Disney Channel fans everywhere 10 years ago.reunion 2

All in all, the reunion turned out to be exactly what long-time fans were hoping for based on social media reactions. We may all be adults now, but our pre-teen selves made a comeback as we watched the movie again in our dorms and apartments, singing along, of course.




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