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Hear how Krewella was “Killin’ It” at BU



The powerhouse sisters of Krewella engaged their BU audience at Nelson Field House with flashing lights and electronic mixes on Wednesday, April 16. This show was hands down the best show I’ve ever been to in my life – no exaggeration.

After a great line of performances by opening acts Logic, Radical Something, and DJ Kaz, the stage lit up with flashing beams of light to reveal a gigantic crystal piece on center stage. Yasmine Yousaf, 22, the sister with short hair, emerged from behind the crystal to open with their song “Party Monster,”a personal favorite of mine. Her energy was so infectious that the already pumped up fans screamed louder and jumped harder than before.

Krewella Performing “Alive”

After a minute of pure adrenaline, Jahan Yousaf, 24, the sister with long hair, joined Yasmine on stage to finish off “Party Monster.” I thought my adrenaline was rushing hard enough when Yasmine came out with her infectious attitude, but when both sisters joined the stage together and an awesome beat dropped, I caught myself smiling so hard my face could have snapped. These girls have a synergy I’ve never seen before. They take the stage with such confidence and feed off of each other’s passion; you can absolutely tell that they are having a blast on stage and interacting with the crowd.krewella2

They played every song I wanted to hear that night, including “Killin’ It,” “Enjoy the Ride,” “Alive,” and a few other favorites. The stage effects had me awe-struck; they were perfect for this show. There were beams of colored light flying all over  Nelson Field House flashing in time with their music. The strobe lights, which are normally a bit much for my preference, were even perfectly set; not too much for too long but just enough to get the crowd pumped up all over again.

Krewella Performing “Human

The girls of this dubstep, house music band were not only fun to watch, but fun to interact with. During the entire concert, security strictly enforced over and over again that no one would sit on another’s shoulders. The Yousaf sisters decided to disregard that and instructed the crowd to get on someone’s shoulders and feel the music anyway.

After asking the crowd to sing along to their song “Human,” which was played acoustically, Yasmine was overwhelmed with the support of the BU crowd and said “Sometimes I have these in my ears and i can’t hear shit other than me singing, and my sister singing and the music playing, but I heard you guys singing tonight with these and that means a whole fucking lot to me.” She was so sincere in how much Krewella fans mean to her that you could only love them more when you heard it.

Yasmine Appreciating the Crowd

I’ll be honest in saying that I had never listened to Krewella before it was announced that they would be coming to BU aside from their hit single, “Alive.” Let me tell you that I regret not listening to these girls earlier because they are amazingly talented DJs and singers.  I also completely envy how gorgeous they both are and how well they pull off their style and attitudes. I’ve seen my favorite bands live, and though Krewella isn’t one of them (YET), their show was the most incredible one I’ve ever experienced.

If you missed the concert, check out some of their music in this Krewella playlist here! Their tour isn’t over, either! Catch them again at one of their upcoming locations on their tour list here.