Have Mercy, Full House Has Returned

When-he-jokes-around-Mr-WoodchuckWord has spread, and the Tanners are back! The beloved sitcom Full House, which aired its final season in 1995, has made a come back with a spin-off show entitled Fuller House.

The show will focus on Candace Cameron-Bure, Jodie Sweetin and Andrea Barber as they reprise their roles as DJ Tanner-Fuller, Stephanie Tanner and Kimmy Gibbler, while John Stamos will serve as a producer and guest-star as Uncle Jesse. Other beloved characters are rumored to have feature appearances in the upcoming show, but details have not yet been released.

640_full_house_CastOn Jimmy Kimmel Live, Stamos revealed that Fuller House would air on Netflix in 2016. He learned five minutes prior to the show that Netflix ordered the 13-episode season, and he was allowed to announce the exciting news on the late-night show. Fuller House will begin with a one-hour premiere that we are all hoping will reunite everyone from the original cast. The reboot will then move into the story line of oldest daughter DJ.
“We’ve been working on this for many, many years. The original creator, Jeff Franklin, and Bob Boyett and Tom Miller, we were trying to do some kind of spin-off. We wanted to give credit to the legacy. We didn’t want to just sort of throw it away,” Stamos told Kimmel. “It starts sort of as a reunion and then spins off. … Candace has three boys and it’s sort of a reversal. And we turn the house over to her. But it’s a labor of love. We’ve been literally trying for so many years to do it right. And I think we finally got it perfect.”
howrudeMost are thrilled by the prospect of a reboot while others shout out their protests. The most prominent being, “is this really necessary, do we need another reboot?” Perhaps we don’t need one, but the people certainly do want one. Fans as well as the stars of the show have shown their support since news broke earlier this month.
Necessary or not, in 2016 you bet I’ll be breaking out my “You Got it Dude” t-shirt with excitement to see how the past 21 years have treated the Tanner Family.