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Great and Not-So-Great Mother’s Day Gifts

Looking for some Mother’s Day gift suggestions? Well, this is exactly the right place to look, as Mother’s Day is quickly approaching.  Here are some great, and not-so-great, gift ideas for any type of mother.

Great Gifts

Personalized Birthstone Jewelry: Why stick with just basic jewely when you can get her some with a personal touch? Mom will love this personalized birthstone necklace.



SpaFinder Gift Certificate: Worried you’ll pick the wrong spa when getting a gift certificate? Well, worry no more! Mom will love this gift because it gives her the option of which spa to go to. SpaFinder is accepted at over 5,000 spas world wide and never expires.


At-Home Spa Gift Set: If there are no spas by home, or mom is just really busy, an alternative is an at-home spa gift set.  That way relaxation and self-pampering are available at her convenience.



Massage Chair Pad: This is the perfect relaxation gift for any mother. Just set it up, turn it on, and let it work its magic.


20 Assorted Tulips from ProFlowers: If you’re looking to stay simple and stick with flowers, these are just the right kind. You can get 20 assorted tulips in a variety of colors that are perfect for the spring!



Not-So-Great Gifts

I’ll start off with the worst.  The worst Mother’s Day gift of all is no gift. What mother doesn’t want credit for all the hard work she’s done over the years?

Anything with World’s Best Mom on it: Mom’s are definitely appreciated, but you don’t need to exaggerate it.  Save this gift to butter her up when you have to tell her you got that tattoo.  A little flattery can go along way.

Kitchen Appliances: Mother’s day gifts should be something a mother rarely gets to see, not something she uses to make breakfast every day.  That’s kind of like saying, “I appreciate all you do for me….can you make me a smoothie?”

Cleaning Supplies: She may take this as a hint of, “Hey mom, I think you should clean your house.” There’s nothing like an insult for a Mother’s Day gift.

Self-Made Coupons: “One coupon valid for the cleaning of your house.” …and then it never happens.


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