Playing games with friends is a very delicate situation. You’re all just trying to have a good time but it always seems like the one friend who can’t lose with dignity shows up. This time, it doesn’t matter how many times you tell yourself that you aren’t a sore loser, because these games will make you one. Prepare yourselves for the seven games that will ruin your friendships.

1. Sorry – Don’t let Hasboro fool you, they’ve got some evil masterminds behind the creation of their board games. Imagine you finally make it all the way around the board and almost into the safety zone when your friend uses the dreaded “Sorry” card. You pick up another card and – oh look – it’s another “Sorry” card, and bump them back to where they came from. Now it is all out warfare and, while you are too busy targeting each other, the third person wins.


2. New Super Mario Bros. Wii – Also known as survival of the fittest. This game is not one for the weak. Nintendo tricks us into thinking we are all on a team working towards the same goal, but the game quickly becomes a points race to the finish while everyone is knocking others off of ledges, jumping on each other, stealing power-ups and running ahead without teammates.


3. Monopoly – Do not put yourself in a situation with good friends for a long period of time under that kind of pressure. Finishing a game of Monopoly is an all day event that costs a lot of energy and, lets face it, we turn into rule-breaking trolls when we are running on empty and Julia won’t sell you her Park Place.



4. Mario Kart – Let me sum this up for you in two words – blue shell. It seems like your friends are always there with a shell or lightning bolt every time you take a jump. When you are racing down Rainbow Road, you can’t help but bump as many people as possible off the edges. Gamers need as much of an advantage as possible on this acid trip they call a track even if it means losing a few friends along the way.


5. League of Legends – League of Legends has earned itself the  title of worst community in online gaming, with its bounty of trolls and know-it-all 12-year-old gamers. This game relies on the team work of your four allies and all it takes is for one friend to say “bad” to end it all. But when you initiate a fight and nobody goes in, so help you god whatever flies out of your mouth. It’s kind of like driving – nobody likes to be told how to do it.


6. Mario Party – Another Nintendo game makes the list. The idea of Nintendo creating games for family fun is ironic when you look at the game play. This game follows the trend of survival of the fittest and turns you against your loved ones. The game purposely makes you fight against your friends in mini games or yell at them in frustration when they team up with you in a two vs. two and are a second too late in pressing A.



7. Mortal Kombat – or any fighting game for that matter. Quick rounds filled with cheap shots or spamming the same move can become irritating. It isn’t fair but hey, life’s not fair. You can put that on the list of “Lines That Ruin Friendships.”