Game Of Thrones Season Five Preview

Fans Rejoice! Your patience has paid off and will soon be rewarded. In less than three weeks, HBO’s most successful show, Game Of Thrones, returns for the fifth season. There has been a lot of speculatiotumblr_inline_n3in2ww96R1qbygev-1420310699n of what to expect this season– if you’ve read the Novels than you most likely have some idea, but as all can attest, George R. R. Martin loves to keep us guessing on the edge of our seats. And that is precisely where we can all expect to be on April 12.

Much to fan’s chagrin, HBO has done a marvelous job of keeping most season five information under-wraps. There has not been much leaked on the subject, but we can expect that characters will venture into new lands including Dorne and Bravvos. However in addition to two trailers, HBO has released the official poster for season five that may offer a bit of informatio . The Poster depicts Tyrion Lannister standing on the Bow of a ship as a very large dragon descends from the fog. It has been presumed that this is one of Daenerys Targaryen’s beloved pets, what is yet unknown is if this is a scene from the upcoming season or just a bit of creative license.

Thankfully for those itching for season five, the lack of information has not deterred fans from theorizing what is likely to occur. Mass amounts of blogs, vlogs, media, and many other outlets have been dedicated to the premiere over the past few weeks. A fan favorite of mine would be the YouTube channel “Emergency Awesome.” Here, self-Gameofthrones-season5_posterproclaimed Geek ‘Charlie’ has numerous season five preview videos that are dedicated to predictions of characters, plots, and everything in between. After the premier, he will continue to post videos discussing the show with subscribers via his YouTube Channel. In addition to Game Of Thrones, the mega-fan also covers The Walking Dead, Sherlock, Arrow, Gotham, and Avengers: Age of Ultron. With his informative and yet entertaining technique, Charlie will get you pumped with everything you need to know before April 12.

Before you check out Emergency Awesome, make sure you’ve watched both official Game Of Thrones trailers. Packed full of excitement, death, and a little sex, the trailers touch on where the characters are, where we left them, and the many battles both physical and emotional we are sure to encounter throughout the season.

Grab your Swords, daggers and shields– winter is gone, but Game Of Thrones is coming.





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