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Game of Thrones S4 Ep4 Recap


I have to say, there were a few times during the fourth episode that I was wondering how much more could possibly be packed into the plot of this episode… so much went down. Needless to say, THERE ARE SPOILERS BELOW!

This is one of the few episodes where Daenerys actually kicks off the episode. Grey Worm takes some of the soldiers from Dany’s army and they break into the sewers of the city to get to the slaves who were offered the opportunity of freedom by Dany last episode. At this point, the slaves are struggling with the decision that has been placed in front of them. Grey Worm and the soldiers help make that decision an easy one to make when they get to the slaves by making sure that they are armed with weapons to help them, along with Dany’s army, take over the city. Instead of treating injustice with mercy as Barristan suggests, Dany decides that she would rather do it her way with treating the injustice with justice. This justice comes in the form of nailing the masters of Meereen to crucifixes. This scene ends with Daenerys standing at the top of a tower overlooking Meereen with the Targaryen flag waving behind her… like a badass.

Jamie finally visits his imprisoned brother, Tyrion, after Bronn convinces him that it is the right thing to do. This, of course, makes Cersei furious. When Jamie goes to talk to Cersei in a later scene, she continues to grill him about how he has changed ever since he was held prisoner. It is clear that she is still pissed about the nice little rape scene that took place between the two of them in the last episode. Cersei talks her way into essentially forcing Jamie to bring her Sansa’s head. Their scene harshly ends with Cersei dismissing him from the room after referring to him by his title rather than his name… ouch. Jamie ends up asking Brienne to be the one to find Sansa Stark. She accepts and receives some new armor, sword, and the company of Podrick Payne.

Meanwhile, Sansa is on a ship with Littlefinger which is heading to Eyrie. During their scene, Littlefinger tells Sansa that not only did he have a part in killing Joffrey, so did she! Remember that necklace she received from the fool – it was poison! To add more to the story, Lady Olenna also reveals to Margaery that she lended a helping hand with Joffrey’s murder. I am satisfied. Lady Olenna’s conversation with Margaery also became a pep talk for Margaery to start making moves on the king-to-be, Tommen. Margaery wastes no time sneaking into Tommen’s chamber while Cersei is still preoccupied with the Tyrion situation and the fact that Joffrey is dead. Margaery makes a point to tell Tommen to keep their little meeting a secret from Cersei.

At Castle Black, Jon tries to befriend Locke, the man who chopped Jamie’s hand off last season. Jon heads up a sparring session that includes Locke, the session is quickly broken up by Thorne who reminds Jon that he is a steward. However, Thorne ends up deciding to send Jon to Craster’s Keep. Jon gives a speech which helps him gather up some men to accompany him, including Castle Black newcomer, Locke.

This brings us to Craster’s Keep where the Castle Black mutineers have taken over and are raping Craster’s wives. A newborn baby, who happens to be Craster’s last, is brought into the picture. It is ultimately decided that the baby will be a gift to the Gods and is taken out into the forest and left for the White Walkers. Nearby, Bran hears the baby crying on uses his power to take over his direwolf’s body. Upon investigating, Bran comes upon Jon’s direwolf caged up by the mutineers. This leads to Bran and his small group of four to try to free Ghost from the cage. They then find themselves surrounded by the Mutineers who find out that Bran is a Stark and therefore the brother of Jon Snow at the end of the scene. Needless to say, Bran is in trouble.

The episode ends with probably one of the more haunting scenes that I have ever witnessed in “Game of Thrones.” A White Walker   has the baby that was set out in the forest for them. The White Walker rides through a frozen setting with the baby and they end up at some creepy ice altar where the White Walker sets the baby. From there, you see what I’m assuming is a powerful White Walker come into the picture. He picks up the baby and touches his face which causes the baby’s eyes to turn to the White Walker-blue eyes.

With an ending like that, it’s going to be a long wait until next week’s episode!