Flash games for the Next Gen

Flash games aren’t supposed to be good. They’re an online staple much like Youtube’s video of groin shots, and pictures of cats posing the eternal question “I can haz cheezeburger?”  Flash games are a bad ending of a story. Well then don’t tell Kongregate, and definitely don’t tell Sonny.  Kongregate  (www.Kongregate.com) is one of those free, “Hey give us your email” gaming sites that, for just a valid e-mail account and a motivation to waste your time, will help you do just that. For the World of Warcraft crowd that is looking for a diversion, or the novice gamer, it’s a great place to go for a quick lunch break sized dose of gaming. It offers a basic level based profile service that serves basically as a ticker for your “accomplishments” and bragging rights amongst friends. Chat is offered simultaneously with all the games making it a community experience lending to the sites name.

Sonny getting ready to administer a healthy dose of pain...

Anyways, what you really care about… Sonny… It’s a supreme time waster. It’s graphically compelling, creative, and most importantly fun. Stealing play style from Final Fantasy turn based attacking, it offers a simple leveling scheme, a killer story line (albeit a little under-developed), original voice acting, and a slight nod to japanese animation. It turns the table on a classic genre (the zombie apocolypse) *and a footnote, yes, I just referred to the zombie apocolypse genre as a classic genre* placing you in the shoes of an uber-zombie being hunted down by the humans, ghosts, and a bunch of other inexplicable bad guys with lots of swords and guns. There is a fairly simple shopping system and item acquiring to be done (as with any RPG, even flash ones). There are four playable classes and fully developed talent trees, allowing for character customization and itemization based on your play style. My only major gripe on Sonny is that the only re-playable fights are the boss fights from each zone.Sonny marks a definite upgrade in the quality of recent flash games, allowing for up to 4 save slots as well as an upgradeable roster of units at your disposal. All said and done, Sonny is definitely a glass full of win.




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