First Impression of ‘The Mandalorian’

When people say “‘Star Wars’ TV show,” some may think of a cartoon, since live-action “Star Wars” TV shows were not considered at the time and were quite frankly risky. Last month, Disney+, the new streaming app, the next competitive force against Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime debuted.  When Disney Plus was released, so was the live-action series “The Mandolorian.”

When watching the first episode, I was blown away from the set design and the effects. I felt like I was watching a short film that Lucasfilms and Disney worked on.

It doesn’t feel like a TV show—it feels like a trilogy of short films that debut each week. That’s what blows me away and keeps me coming back to Disney+ and “The Mandolorian,” especially leading up to future projects like the Obi Won Kenobi mini-series, “Cassian Andor” TV show, and other “Star Wars” projects we don’t even know about yet.

This show blew me away on so many levels and I can’t even speak because we will be going towards the spoiler territory.

It’s a great day to be a “Star Wars” fan.



Michael Lamberti

I am a nerd I like to make music, gaming cosplay, original skit series.