Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Gets 30th Anniversary Celebration



It has been 30 years since the John Hughes teen classic, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, hit theaters across America. This comedy tells the story of Ferris Bueller who plays hookey with his two best friends for a day full of adventures in the Windy City. How could he pull this off? By convincing everyone in the school, including his own parents, that he has some horrible disease that leaves him bedridden. He has everyone convinced except for his two enemies: the school principle and his older sister.

This movie is so culturally significant that it has been given its own three-day celebration in Chicago, which will be called “Ferris Fest.” Cool right? Well, only if you live in the Chicago area. This nostalgic 80’s extravaganza will be hosted May 20 through May 22.

The Fest includes a Q & A panel from some of the cast members, a screening of the film at the John and Nancy Hughes Theater in Lake Forest, IL, and a two-part bus tour that will take you to the various film locations that were used in the film.

But wait, it gets better.

The planners of the festival are in talks of recreating the famous “Twist and Shout” parade scene that took place right in the middle of the city.

These activities will be happening over the course of three days. The total of this experience is $300. Wow!

If you’re looking for a cheaper route, you can enjoy the film in your own house or at a local theater that might play it for its 30th anniversary.

Here is a clip from the famous “Twist and Shout” parade scene that was referenced to earlier in the article.