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‘Feel Good Fridays!’ Ep. 1

After a long week of studying for hours, multiple quizzes and assignments and the normal stress college brings us, it’s nice to be able to relax and hop right into the weekend! What better way to kickstart your weekend than with a lighthearted story to bring some joy into your day? Especially after all the challenges and hardships we’re facing right now, we deserve to hear some good news going on.

Welcome to “Feel Good Fridays!” Every Friday throughout the semester, I’ll be sharing a story that’s guaranteed to bring a smile to your face! This week, I’ll be talking about the San Francisco Pancake Party.

It’s a Pancake Party!

My wife says I'm getting weird': Man offers free pancakes to make friends -  The Washington Post
Curtis Kimball making pancakes! Image from The Washington Post

After suffering through the COVID-19 pandemic for nearly two years and his wife telling him he needed to make some new friends, San Francisco resident Curtis Kimball thought hosting a FREE pancake party for the neighborhood should help create some good vibes.

Curtis used to operate the Creme Brulee Cart in San Francisco city parks, so you know this man can make a tasty treat!

Before the event was set to take place, Curtis posted flyers around his neighborhood, as well as posting on Twitter about the event. The party was set for Jan. 22 and managed to bring in 75 people! Curtis was amazed at the incredible vibe and mix of generations and backgrounds that came to enjoy his free pancakes.

Over the past weekend, Curtis had hosted another pancake party for the neighborhood. He had made over 800 pancakes and even had to call in some backup flippers! When asked about a donation jar, Curtis said this:

“Also, a lot of people yesterday asked for a donation jar. I didn’t want to have one because I just wanted the event to come from my heart to yours….”