Ellen’s Mash-Up Phone Call with Adele, Drake and Lionel Richie

It seems impossible to find someone who doesn’t adore Ellen. How could anyone not love her? When she’s not introducing us to the hottest Youtube stars out there, helping families in need, giving away all kinds of free stuff, promoting her awesome app, “Heads Up,” interviewing our favorite celebrities, or making us “LOL” on social media, she’s dancing—I mean what a great life. She is constantly reminding us of how cool she is (recently by introducing us her to her squad which is way cooler than T-Swfit’s), and she has done it in the coolest way possible last week on her show.

Adele’s new hit “Hello” and Drake’s “Hotline Bling” are the talk of the social media world. Nobody can stop tweeting about them or watching the hysterical vines (even the presidential candidates are in on them) especially the ones of Drake’s dancing (sorry Drake, those dance moves just make it too easy).


adele drake

In case you did not know, Ellen was the inspiration for Adele’s song, and she lets us know in a video on her talk show featuring Adele, Drake, and even Lionel Richie, who also has a song, “Hello” from 1983.

Check it out.




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