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Ellen DeGeneres Gives First Lady a Tour of CVS

Ellen DeGeneres has taken the First Lady’s preparation for life outside of the White House into her own hands. DeGeneres taught Obama that she would have to learn to do things on her own as she told her, “You push the basket because nobody’s gonna push it for you.” ellen-in-cartEllen also insisted on opening nearly every item that Michelle decided to pick up, much to our First Lady’s horror. “Don’t open these up in the store!” she cried. “What if I don’t like it?” personalized-fan

Shortly after, DeGeneres introduced Obama to Coinstar which puzzled our First Lady. They dropped their bag of change in the machine and ended up with forty-five dollars and seventeen cents. Upon seeing a cash voucher Ellen soon realized they desperately needed assistance. So she called over an employee and introduced Michelle as “Shelley” (new nickname alert?)  They began to stroll around the store and Ellen spotted a figure that looked mysteriously like Bernie Sanders.bernieeee

They soon called for assistance yet again in aisle two and Ellen decided to put her back scratching skills to use. While the employee believed this to be a good service, the First Lady stated, “It was annoying to me.” Luckily for Michelle, Ellen then introduced her to boxed wine. After learning how to open this strange contraption, they began to pour the wine into plastic cups and passed the delicacy out to nearby shoppers.  gallery-1473859598-drinks-on-michelle

Ellen then proceeded to try to find a cure for “Shelley’s” rash. Exclaiming, “Michelle! What kind of cream did you need for that rash?” the First Lady politely asked DeGeneres not to tell anyone about her rash, to which she replied, “Where is the rash?” When Michelle replied, “On my shoulder,” Ellen comically replied, “Lower than  that!” megaphone

Overall, the visit proved to be quite taxing for Michelle. “It’s like taking a three-year-old to the store!” she tiredly exclaimed. One lesson we can all learn from this is not to go shopping with Ellen unless there is wine  involved. ellen-degeneres-michelle-obama-cvs-trip-wine                 Video Link Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ihOXaU0I8o