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Dodging Balls for Donations

“Hittin’ that all day” is what Bloomsburg University students are going to be doing during at the 2nd Annual Ball Fest Dodge ball Tournament. It will be hosted by the Public Relations Student Society Association, PRSSA. The dodge ball tournament will benefit the Columbia County Soup Kitchen where all profits will be given as a community service act.

The teams are each made up of six players, each player pays 5 dollars and will compete in the tournament. The tournament is going to be held in Decker gym starting at 1 PM on Saturday, October 24. Teams can sign up with PRSSA at the office and tables will be set up around campus.

PRSSA is an on-campus organization that works to help promote organizations on campus and give Public Relations majors a chance to explore the field. Heather Delp, a senior and vice president of PRSSA at Bloomsburg University, joined PRSSA as a freshman. Delp hopes to do a lot for the community this semester. She wants to help promote clients through BU Prime Inc., PRSSA’s own public relations agency, and hopefully win the bid to hold the Regional Assembly here at Bloomsburg.

However, the big project for PRSSA right now is Ball Fest. The organization chose to do the dodge ball tournament due to its popularity. Ashley Wood a Public Relations major in-charge of fundraising for PRSSA said, “In my freshman year they held a tournament that raised over 9 hundred dollars for charity, it was a success. I hope we can be as successful this year.” Wood has been in PRSSA since her junior year and says PRSSA is a great way to get your foot in the door, “it teaches you how to deal with real life clients” as she has worked with Bloomsburg University’s newspaper the Voice and Quest.

Students are encouraged by PRSSA to come out and play. “It’s a chance to help starving people and a have fun at the same time,” said Delp. The Columbia County Soup Kitchen helps feed the local homeless in Bloomsburg and surrounding areas. Wood said the reason they choose the soup kitchen is, “…because we have worked with them before and it’s right around Thanksgiving, a great time to help the hungry.”All profits of the tournament will be given to the Columbia County Soup Kitchen and help PRSSA members learn how to organize events. As Wood said, “Why not come out? It’s an excuse to hit people with balls.”

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