Halloween costumes seem to cost more every year and the skimpier the outfit, the more expensive it gets. Being a broke college student can make Halloween difficult when deciding on the perfect outfit, but do not fret. Purchasing overly expensive costumes isn’t the only option. Becoming recently more popular is the DIY (Do It Yourself) costumes, and not only are they more original, they are also a lot cheaper. Here are some unique ideas for single, couple and group costumes. You can also find other ideas on websites such as Pinterest or Buzzfeed.

Single Costumes:

Minion (Despicable Me)

All It takes is a yellow tee-shirt and some blue gym shorts and overalls to create this costume. Top it off with some classic minion round framed glasses and a yellow top hat as a head and glue pipe cleaners to create some hair!

Where’s Waldo?

A simple and quick Halloween costume. Just grab a red and white-stripped shirt, add the big glasses and red beanie and top it off with some jeans for guys or a blue skirt for the ladies.

A Cactus

For this simple costume, just grab some cheap dark green sweats and a zip up and sew or fabric glue on some white pipe cleaners for the prickly touch.

The popular Candy Crush Saga

For the more artsy and creative people, start with black leggings and a black top. Create the candy crush pieces from sewn fabric, bean bags, small toy balls and plastic. Sew them on the shirt and leggings for a more secure hold, and to finish it off create a cute whipped cream hat.

Couples Costumes:

Mickey & Minnie Mouse

Use a black shirt and red pants and skirt to create this cute but simple costume. Complete the outfit with mouse ears either made with paper or can be sold at most halloween stores. For an extra touch, draw on a mouse nose or cut open a black bouncy ball for the nose.

Google Maps

Cut out pieces of cardboard and cut to fit your head to create the point A and point B pinpoints. Use a gray shirt and fabric to recreate the map.

Mario & Luigi

Instead of spending money on a popular Mario and Luigi costume, create your own! Buy red and green t-shirts, add blue shorts or skirt with suspenders. Complete the look by adding mustaches, white gloves and a red and green Mario and Luigi hat.

Soap & Loofah

A more complicated and unique couples costume. For the soap, use a cardboard box and fabric to make a square shaped soap bar. For the loofah, take a colored dress and glue tissue paper, fabric and/or ribbon of that color to create the poof of the loofah look.

Group Costumes:

Ice Cream Cones

Each group member pic a color or flavor of ice cream and cut t-shirts, use brown skirts or shorts and draw the cone design onto it. Get the sprinkle look for the leftover scraps of everyone’s different colored shirts. Top off the ice cream cone with a cherry as a red bow.

iPod Nano Dresses

Recreate the popular iPod nano by creating a duct tape dress! Just cut the duct tape to fit around your body and use white duct tape and draw on the letters and buttons to make the iPod screen, along with many other possible ways to create this dress.

Social Media Websites

Recreate your favorite social media app or website! Take long t-shirts or dresses and cut out of fabric your social media logo, matching your dress or shirt color with the media’s logo colors.


For this simple group costume, take different colored grape flavors as shirts with matching pants. Blow up small water balloons with air and super glue them onto the shirts front and back. Create the vine hair piece with fake vines you can find at any craft store.