Disney vs. Nickelodeon: Lindsay Lohan

Isn’t that the girl from Parent Trap?

Almost everyone remembers seeing double the first time Lindsay Lohan stepped on the TV screen, but this was not where her childhood stardom began. At the age of three, this New York-native modeled for print ads, and worked as an actress in numerous commercials including one for Toys ’R Us. In the blink of an eye, Lohan seemed pretty successful in her career as an actress, but in that same amount of time, she has managed to take too many steps backwards.

The innocent little “twin” we all fell in love with now can’t seem to get off the police’s radar! Although Lohan continues to have trouble with law enforcement, she knows she is not alone. Former Nickelodeon child star, Amanda Bynes has recently had trouble with obeying the law similar to Lohan, minus any severe consequences. Lohan tweeted, “Why did I get put in jail and a Nickelodeon star has had no punishment so far?” It’s clear that Lohan is not satisfied with the status quo and how law enforcement is running things. Let’s go back to her adolescent years and trace where life began to crumble for this “teenage drama queen”.

Disney Child-Star to Drama Queen

Growing up, Lohan’s acting career began to rise as her face became more familiar to young television viewers. Some people may remember Lohan having her share of roles in several Disney movies including Life-Size also starring Tyra Banks, Freaky Friday with Jamie Lee Curtis and even a Disney Channel movie called Get a Clue. Lohan didn’t hit her big break until she starred in the popular “chick-flick”, Mean Girls in 2004.

In the same year, she attempted to impress her fans with her vocals on her first album, SPEAK, including her #1 hit, Rumors. The music video Rumors definitely was far cry for attention and one of the first noticeable signs of her rebellion. In addition, she really seemed agitated with people, especially publicity which was vividly described in her lyrics as well as the video.

It was clear that 2004 was the year that started the fall of Lohan. Her first album was a way of expressing the pressure of not being able to do as she pleased without others putting her in the spotlight. Who knew that this Disney child star, known for her innocence and talent, could transform into a horrible role model for her young fans.

Confessions of a Drug Addict

Life became even more of a party after Lohan’s father was arrested for attacking his girlfriend. Since then, she has been seen in more nightclubs in her hometown, New York City, than films. She even admitted to tabloids about her drug use and struggle with bulimia.

Dec. 2007, Lohan’s rep spilled news to PEOPLE magazine that she was attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. A month later, Lohan went to rehab in the Wonderland Center located in L.A. Unfortunately, this was just the beginning of her troubles. For a couple of years, she was caught by the press going in and out of rehab for cocaine, followed by her DUI arrest.

As a result of Lohan’s decline, PEOPLE magazine added her as the cover story with a headline that poses an interesting question,” What happened to Lindsay Lohan?”.  This headline (shown on the left) is a question that has been asked by many and still stumps her fans to this day. Not to mention, her fashion sense went from edgy, yet classy style to an orange-collared jumpsuit, after her jail sentence for a misdemeanor and her drunk-driving incident.

What does this former Disney channel star and Amanda Bynes have in common?

They specialize in the art of hit and runs. Lohan allegedly hit her Porsche into a restaurant employee’s vehicle, according to CNN. The “Play boy” model continued to drive, fleeing from the crime scene, says a New York Police Department spokesman. Recently, Amanda Bynes was also was charged with two hit and runs but did not suffer harsh consequences like Lohan.

One can learn a thing or two about the judicial system after being in prison multiple times. Lohan was so clever to find a flaw in the judicial system concerning the hilarious “All-That” Nickelodeon star. Just like any citizen in America, Lohan used the power of social media to publicize this injustice. Who knew Lohan was such a communications expert? Or maybe she is just good at stirring up trouble.

“It’s Just [her] Luck” that Amanda got off easy. Perhaps, Lohan should have followed in Amanda’s footsteps and then she could have lived above the law. However, the fun doesn’t just stop with Lohan and Amanda, but we are forgetting so many other child-star celebrities who went down-hill: The Olsen Twins, Cheetah Girls’ Kiely Williams, and Miley Cyrus, just to name a few. So with all the ruin these ladies caused themselves as well as their careers, they are not alone. So what can we expect from Disney and Nickelodeon celebrities? To be continued….