Did Scream Queens Live Up to It’s Reputation

Murder and comedy on the same TV show; does it make for a popular series or will it fail? The first episode of Scream Queens aired Tuesday, and without a doubt this series is going to be my next guilty pleasure!

Sure the murder was a little graphic and almost painful to watch, but the comedy was definitely on point. While watching the show, there were a few scenes where I could not help but to laugh out loud. One of the scenes that was laugh out loud funny was when Denise (Niecy Nash), the security guard, runs to her car after finding out the murder was in the Kappa house. When she gets to the car, she finds out her friend was stabbed. She screams, “Why do you have a knife in your neck?!” I could not contain myself from laughing because of how dumb it was.imgres

Emma Roberts (Chanel) plays the perfect stereotypical sorority girl; she is mean and ruthless. One of the other main images
characters called Grace (Skylar Samuels), is the girl you root for. She wants to catch the villain and take down Chanel (Roberts).

Sometimes the show almost seems too unreal and dumb, but it is something you cannot stop watching. The mystery behind it and the terrible jokes make you laugh; you have to continue to watch even after you realize how bad the jokes are. The murder scenes were almost unbearable to watch; they killed off one character by running them over with a lawn mower, and another was stabbed to death.

But, the real question is what would a murder comedy be without a love interest? Yep, there is even love during such a horrible time for Kappa. Grace and Pete (Diego Boneta) try to solve the murder together, but end up falling for each other. That is until she starts to believe that Pete is the killer.

The casting is definitely not what you would expect; Nick Jonas plays a gay character who tries to join Kappa which is a girl sorority. There are also many different and diverse characters in the show.

Although it is only the first episode, I know it’s a show I will continue to watch. It will definitely be my secret favorite this fall.