‘Destiny 2’ Developer Bungie Gets Hit with Layoffs

Destiny 2 developer Bungie was just effected by layoffs across various departments within the studio. The Sony owned studio was not the only ones effected by this. Some studios include Epic Games, creators of Fortnite, another Sony study Naughty Dog, and Riot games, which were one of the first studios effected in early 2023. Now, Bungie is the latest studio to be hit.

The news broke to Twitter around 11:00am on Monday October 30th. Bungie Community Manager, Liana ‘Hippy’ Ruppert broke to Twitter along with many other former Bungie employees.

The following departments were hit through the majority of layoffs:

  • Community
  • Social
  • Marketing
  • Publishing
  • Art
  • QA
  • Player Support
  • Legal
  • Human Resources
  • Production

Just a few weeks ago, Bungie was promoting their digital-first mindset with new hybrid and fully remote opportunities. Bungie on their careers site had around 40+ positions open. Now, there is only 19.

Pete Parsons, CEO of Bungie, Inc. stated a message regarding the active layoffs.

Today is a sad day at Bungie as we say goodbye to colleagues who have all made a significant impact on our studio. What these exceptional individuals have contributed to our games and Bungie culture has been enormous and will continue to be a part of Bungie long into the future. These are truly talented people. If you have openings, I would highly recommend each and every one of them.” – Pete Parsons

Based on Parson’s comment, there has been some speculation as whether the layoffs were directly from Bungie or if the layoffs were determined from higher ups at Sony. No official statement has been announced from Sony.

On top of Bungie’s layoffs, Bloomberg News reported that Destiny 2’s final expansion, ‘The Final Shape’ will be delayed until June of 2024. It is also been reported that Bungie’s latest project, Marathon is also in development until 2025.

No official confirmation has been announced from Bungie regarding the project delays.